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Upgrade you and your family’s daily comfort and the market value of your home with the help of our expert bathroom remodeling services here in Bell Gardens, CA.
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For years, homeowners in Bell Gardens, CA, looking for top-notch bathroom remodeling services have turned to us as their go-to team of professionals. By choosing our expertise, you avoid the headache of amateur work and enjoy a seamless, high-quality remodel.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that not only enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom but also significantly boost your home’s value. Instead of dealing with the disappointment of substandard work, you get to relish the comfort and elegance of a professionally remodeled bathroom.

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Alexsander Cornejo owner of Cornejo Builders California

Alexsander Cornejo – Owner of Cornejo Builders

Hi, I’m Alexsander Cornejo, the owner and founder of Cornejo’s Builders. I started working in the remodeling and construction industry right out of high school, in 2009.

With Cornejo’s Builders, the goal is to give back to the city I grew up in. I want to send a message of hope and inspiration: any dream can be achieved, no matter where you come from, if you put in enough work and dedication.

Benefit-Oriented Services

Our unmatched service quality and benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting new standards for excellence. We invite you to discover the difference. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Bathroom Could Look As Beautiful As These

Your bathroom transformation could be just as stunning as these pictures of our past projects. Think of these as a great inspiration source for what we can do for you.

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

60+ projects done

100+ of families helped

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Alexsander Cornejo owner of Cornejo Builders California
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Real Reviews From Bell Gardens Residents

We’re truly thankful for the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers in Bell Gardens. Their feedback highlights our dedication to excellence. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Jenna Laricchia​


Cornejos Builders Inc did excellent work for my kitchen remodel project.

I really appreciate Alex efforts in fulfilling my goals, not to mention I had fun working with the team who gave me excellent quality service and ideas for my project. I am extremely satisfied; not to mention the reasonable timeline to finish the job with no hassles.

I wish Cornejos Builders Inc great success! I highly recommend Cornejos Builders Inc to anyone who is looking to get construction work done.


Yahritza Orellana​


Had a truly great experience with Alex. Cornejo’s Builders just completed converting my crawlspace/basement into an ADU (studio with new bathroom and kitchen).

What made the experience even more valuable was that the owner himself (Alex) came over for a consultation. Other companies just send their sales reps and most of the time they don’t even know anything. Feeling important is always a positive I can’t wait to work with them again.

I highly recommend them. You can tell Alex is passionate about what he does, his clients, and his company.

Bathroom Remodel Costs In Bell Gardens

Bathroom remodels in Southern California begin at $15,000, with pricing determined by the scope of work and finish types. An accurate estimate will be provided after an on-site visit.

Project Included Features Total Cost
Downey, CA (40 sq. ft.) New porcelain floor tile, subway glass tile, porcelain wall tile, Bluetooth CFM exhaust, recess lighting, vanity $35,000
Alhambra, CA (60 sq. ft.) New framing, Spanish style finishes, cement floating tile installation, Bluetooth CFM exhaust, recess lighting with dimmers, customized shower door $45,000
Montebello, CA (70 sq. ft.) Curbless walk-in shower, French linear drain, matte black finishes, custom porcelain tile, tiled walls, recess lighting with dimmers $52,550

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Bathroom Remodeling In Bell Gardens

Several factors can affect the cost of your bathroom remodel, each playing a crucial role in shaping the final estimate. Here are the key elements to consider:

Each of these factors contributes to tailoring your bathroom to meet your exact needs and preferences, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

On-Time & Within Budget

At Cornejos Builders, we pride ourselves on professionalism, providing accurate timelines, and offering precise budget estimates to avoid any surprises.

Staying within the budget is our promise to you. We understand the importance of financial planning, and our initial cost estimate is a figure you can trust. Our team works diligently to avoid unexpected expenses, ensuring your financial peace is maintained throughout the project.

Meeting deadlines is our specialty. We respect your time and schedule, making every effort to complete your bathroom remodel quickly and efficiently. You can count on us to have your new bathroom ready for use ahead of schedule without compromising on quality or attention to detail.

A 3-Step Process For Your Dream Bathroom

At Cornejos Builders, we make the bathroom remodeling process stress-free and straightforward. Our goal is for you to enjoy the transformation of your space with complete peace of mind, knowing every detail is taken care of. Here’s how we do it:



Together, we’ll design your ideal bathroom space, discussing every detail.



Our experts get to work, transforming your vision into reality with precision.



Revel in the comfort and beauty of your newly remodeled bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel In Bell Gardens - FAQs

For a basic bathroom remodel involving demolition and new finishes/tile, it typically takes about 2 weeks. However, for a comprehensive remodel with electrical and plumbing relocation, the project typically spans around 3-4 weeks.
All individuals stepping onto your property are trusted local tradesmen. We exclusively collaborate with top-notch industry professionals who prioritize your best interests. They are all in-house installers and experts who genuinely uphold and embody Cornejo’s Builders’ core values.
A bathroom remodel in Southern California begins at $15,000. Our pricing is tailored to the specific scope of work and finishes. An accurate estimate will be provided after our on-site assessment.
Many full bathroom renovations necessitate a building permit. At Cornejo’s Builders, we manage the entire process – from planning and permitting to construction. Sit back, unwind, and witness your dream become a reality.
Your new bathroom can be customized to your preferences, from heated floors and walk-in showers to custom cabinets, exquisite tile work, marble features, and more. We handle everything, including a 5-year workmanship warranty and materials warranty lasting from 2 to over 50 years.

As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will promptly contact you to arrange an on-site visit.

Upgrade Your Family's Lifestyle & Comfort Today

Alexsander Cornejo owner of Cornejo Builders California

Alexsander Cornejos

Investing in your bathroom remodel with us is a decision you’ll wish you made sooner. Reach out at (562) 319-3178, and let Cornejos Builders drive your project to success with expertise and precision.

Doing this service not only enhances your home’s value but also your daily living. Contact us now, and our team at Cornejos Builders will ensure your investment pays off handsomely.

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Bell Gardens, CA, is a vibrant community nestled in Los Angeles County, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and lush green spaces. Key landmarks include the historic Bicycle Hotel & Casino and the serene John Anson Ford Park. This city blends suburban charm with urban convenience, making it a prime location for residents who enjoy the accessibility to major highways and a variety of recreational activities.